Toronto Geometry Colloquium

A series of talks on Geometry Processing inspired by the format of live music and comedy shows.

Mission Statement

The Toronto Geometry Colloquium is a live weekly hour-long webseries showcasing geometry processing research. Topics range from computer science, mathematics, and engineering including 3D deep learning, computational fabrication, and computer graphics. The unique format of the Toronto Geometry Colloquium pairs a 10-min opener speaking about a recent work with a 40-min headliner giving a keynote-style address. Part of Toronto Geometry Colloquium's mission is to promote young researchers and showcase great geometry processing research by members of traditionally underrepresented communities. Talks are broadcast live and – unless otherwise noted – recordings are available thereafter.

Past Speakers

How do i find out about new talks?

Join the mailing list to get announcements about newly added talks.

How can i sign up to speak?

(Self-)Nominate an opener.

University of Toronto Organizational Team

Seungbae Bang
Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu
Silvia Sellán
Jiayi Eris Zhang
Advised by Alec Jacobson